Reviews for “Love Journey”


“Love Journey: What a brilliant CD! Debbie’s clear interpretations, phrasing and tonal qualities are as amazing as they are moving… felt to the bone. She is straight forward, honest, direct. What a complete and present joy! Don’t miss it.”

-Guy Perkins


“A GREAT CD, so fun and uplifting to listen to! The songs are heart-warming and inspirational. I love Debbie’s voice and her ability to smoothly glide to each song creating a different mood; somehing for everyone. She is a star, “Shine On.” Thanks for sharing your wonderful voice for all of us to enjoy.”

-Dee Hilliard


“Early on, Debbie recognized that the ultimate expression in each of us is unique. She shares her gift of love for people and passion for romance through her singing. From a throaty Latin Rumba to a silky ballad delivered with heart, suddenly the colors of the world are rejuvenated and alive again and again.”

-Lourdes Livingston


“This is an amazing compilation of songs that will stir your soul and nourish your spirit. I especially love “Love is A Blessing” and “Killing Me Softly.”Debbie has the capacity to move from mellow and soulful to higher energy pieces, but never loses her spirit. The weaving of English and Spanish reflects her roots, and our multicultural world.”

-Jack Treacy


“Debbie’s performance, inspirational vocals, rhythm and soul in this breakthrough CD will rock your world! Years of writing lyrics combined with her sensational talent headlining cabaret and event performances make for the most celebrated all round performers today! She has brought to us her gift of her own originals as only she can, and a must see if you are fortunate to catch her solo charity performances, or with her talented performers! Pick up the CD right away, it is timeless, classic, a must have in the car, dining, or just to sing along smiling, you’ll feel the “love connection”!”

-Mary Anne Scarlett


“This CD is special – a unique blending of jazz, Latin, big band and inspirational tunes. Some good time oldies you’ll recognize with new refreshing arrangements. Some are original songs written by this talented artist with haunting and compelling lyrics. Buy this one of a kind CD mixture and treat yourself!”

-Paula Pagano


“Debbie Cucalon’s new CD “Love Journey”, is filled with songs that are upbeat like “Shine On” which has a lively Latin Salsa feel to it and is sung with a spirited positive outlook on life! “Love Journey” is a sexy romantic song about one seeking that special true love! “Sway” has a jazzy dance rhythm that will put you in the mood! “Burn Them Negative Blues” is another uplifting song with a rockin blues backbeat to it. Anyone who has ever had a bad day, will be having a great day after listening to this song! “Love Is A Blessing” is a wonderful spiritual song that is sung with a beautiful soothing tone. The entirety of this song is very inspiring and just makes one listening to it feel good! “Mama Tierra” is another beautifully sung song by Debbie Cucalon which is very enjoyable to listen to as Debbie sings about “Mother Earth”! “Como Me Gusta La Musica” is a very lively Latin inspired song that let’s you know that it’s Party Time, and it’s time to get up and dance and let loose! “I’ve Got you Under My Skin” is a sensually sung cover of a Sinatra classic! “Whenever God Shines His Light” is another beautifully done cover song. Van Morrison would be proud! “Killing Me Softly” is another one of my big favorites. Sung in Spanish, it’s a wonderful cover sung with a Latin flare. “Land of Make Believe” closes the set with an inspiring and soothing tone, from this beautifully crafted debut album by Debbie Cucalon!”

-Vince Merlini


“The signature theme of “Love Journey” takes you gracefully, inquiringly and soulfully through each “destination” song on the CD. I just kept playing it over and over!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful light and talent with world!”

-Chinello Haney


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