60568_153525131343774_665299_nDebbie Cucalón, a multi talented singer, songwriter, performer & poet, thrills her audiences with the romance of her ballads, the mood of her blues, and the classic delivery of her jazz. Her Latin flair adds to her spicy, soulful & sensual tracks such as, “Killing Me Softly”, “Sway” & “Shine On”. A lifetime dream finally realized, this exciting, eclectic DEBUT CD, demonstrates Debbie’s insatiable musical appetite. Her facility  to cross over to different genres, adding her own natural flavor and sound is bound to attract a wide audience. She acknowledges early great influences such as, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Motown, The Doobie Brothers & Carole King for igniting her passion.

An extraordinary “singer of the heart”, this independent artist incorporates her spiritual lyrics that uplift & inspire us about everyday life and the human condition. Her mission is to leave people feeling good by spreading fun, hope & joy to others through her music & live performances. Debbie’s soothing voice has a clarity & honesty that makes you feel as if she was singing just to YOU!

Bilingual in Spanish, combined with her ability to sing in French & Portuguese, allows this diverse performer to transcend boundaries, by taking her fans along on a ride, sending chills down their spine, singing out with conviction, or out of their seats to boogie! Debbie credits her wonderful Latin parents for a “musically infused” home with an amplitude of music ranging from Sinatra, to Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand, Daniel Santos, Tito Puente, and of course, Celia Cruz (just to name a few). A lover of salsa, horns and strong rhythm sections, she plans to delve more into her Latin roots on her next CD which she’d like to do all in Spanish.

A native Californian, Debbie resides in the beautiful city of San Francisco where she draws inspiration from the always magical, scenic bay views, to the delightful North Beach Coffee Houses, the vibrant Mission District, and the lovely Marina Greens.

This divine labor of love taught her that anything can be achieved if you dare to dream & believe in your heart. Grateful for her many blessings and being able to do what she so loves, her wish for all is to celebrate life through song, dance & laughter. “Shine On and be the star you were born to be. And may the healing power of music always play in your ear, as you ride the winds of your own “Love Journey”.  Thanks for listening!”

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